Member Podcast: Loyalty, specifically in the shopping mall environment, is all about connections

An interview with Ben Chesser, Founder and CEO of Coniq

Our founder Hadie, catches up with loyalty tech guru, Ben Chesser. He’s the founder and CEO of Coniq who specialise in providing expertise and technology solutions for physical retailers and malls.  She’s known Ben for many years as a key member of the loyalty space in London with close to 15 years experience.  He’s got a lot to say about it and they delve into the origins of shopping malls, why loyalty is about connections and not about points and how he had to be dug out of a rather nasty pile of bananas!

“Shopping malls are places to make connections and the scope of this has changed massively since Covid”

“Loyalty is about a relationship and engaging with your consumers to make them like your values and brand”

“Loyalty is about connections, making it more personalised, relevant and timely”

Hadie also asked him if he agreed with the statement – “Loyalty must be nurtured. It cannot be engineered.”  Find out what he says!