Envelopes with SUPERPOWERS!


London, UK

Burgopak, the company behind much of the innovative packaging seen in the Fintech space over the last few years have launched a new range of secure, mailable packaging solutions for bank/gift/loyalty cards.

Incorporating some of their best loved, highly engaging opening mechanisms, the Super Envelope range was developed to illicit a great customer experience while delivering on the more strategic and budgetary goals of their clients.

Dane Whitehurst, Creative Director at Burgopak says of the new range, “The envelope is an undervalued, utilitarian product that does a wonderful job of transporting some of our most important and sensitive information across the globe. It’s just that on it’s own it’s a little… dull. We set about changing that by giving it a range of new super powers!”

The Burgopak design team already had a great range of technology within its wheel-house for maximising visceral impact through paper engineering and they combined that with 5 years-worth of key insights from strategic partners across the supply-chain to leverage a number of meaningful cost savings.

“It’s the little things that add up to making a big difference. For example, keeping the piece as thin as possible and ensuring that it remains bendy enough to pass through the automated sorting machines at international mail providers can save a fortune in postage costs. There’s a loose sort of science to it that you only learn through trial and error and it’s this learning that we have baked into the new range.”

The first releases in the range include, The Telescopic, The Lifter, The Revealer and The Ejector and can be viewed at superenvelope.com with a number of new designs just around the corner.

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To request your free sample contact Burgopak on superenvelope@burgopak.com

About Burgopak

Burgopak is a world leader in design and manufacture of innovative patented packaging for products of all shapes and sizes. With a highly creative and experienced design and project management team, Burgopak designs to brief, to provide an engaging opening experience to your customers, creates a higher perceived value of your product with clever cardboard engineering, and makes your life easier by managing the process right from conception to completion.



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