Xoxoday partners with Azteco

Xoxoday partners with Azteco to enable their users’ reach to the “Consumer Bitcoin” Market


Bitcoin as employee reward option now available to millions of employees globally

Xoxoday, India’s leader in the Rewards & Incentives industry announces its partnership with Azteco, a London/California based startup aimed at being the easiest and fastest way for consumers to buy Bitcoin. Through its operations in Bangalore, Dehli, Mumbai, California, Dublin, Dubai and Singapore, Xoxoday aims to bring Azteco’s Vouchers to over 760 million mobile users, leveraging those devices to further push Bitcoin into the mainstream. The opportunity “Consumer Bitcoin” presents is unprecedented in scale and beneficial global impact; even greater than the impact Uber and WhatsApp have had on the way people work, spend and use money.

By partnering with Azteco, Xoxoday leverages the already enormous Gift Card and Top Up sectors, contextualizing Bitcoin into something anyone can understand and use, via partnerships with Consumer grade Bitcoin wallets like Pine and Bluewallet.

Akin Fernandez, Founder of Azteco said, “We are very excited about our integration with Xoxoday. Not only does Xoxoday have a global reach and access to an astronomically large market of sophisticated and well-equipped users in India, they also represent a precisely honed market fit with accompanying world-class infrastructure to deliver our Vouchers seamlessly and instantly. In the new category of “Consumer Bitcoin”, companies like Xoxoday will be key in distributing Bitcoin to users in a form that doesn’t require any training or understanding in advance. This is the only way Bitcoin can reach billions of people, and companies like Xoxoday, Azteco and its wallet partners are key to bringing the astonishing benefits of Bitcoin to a mass market.”

“2.5 million+ current users of Xoxoday’s rewards Catalog – for employee, marketing and sales incentives – Plum, are now empowered to consume the benefits of the ‘Consumer Bitcon’ market. Through our partnership with Azteco we are very pleased to facilitate this and build on our wallet rewards category,” said Sumit Khandelwal, CEO, Xoxoday.
For media inquiries, please contact Akin Fernandez at (714)-947-3425 or press@azte.co

About Azteco
Azteco is the world’s easiest to use Bitcoin service. Consumers purchase Azteco Vouchers identical to the globally familiar paper vouchers sold by O2, T-Mobile, EE, MTN and all other mobile phone networks. Azteco Voucher codes are redeemable directly to the mobile phones of consumers, working exactly the same way that top-up vouchers do to add call time to Pay-as-You-Go mobile phones.

About Xoxoday
Xoxoday is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one Reward & Incentive Distribution Technology for employees, customers, sales and channel partners, as well as customer support agencies. With Xoxoday Plum, one can redeem from a global catalog comprising 20,000+ options spread across gift cards, prepaid cards, perks, experiences, donations, financial benefits and many more categories.

For more information, visit: http://www.xoxoday.com

Media Contact
Akin Fernandez, Azteco, (714)-947-3425, press@azte.co


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