Effective Recruiting is a Skill. Our partner, Lucy Allen of Trifecta tells us Why

By Lucy Allen of Trifecta

They say when setting up a business, stick to what you know. My extensive expertise has been gathered from over 10 years in the recruitment industry, 10 years working in the employee benefits industry managing clients from both in the private and public sectors. My passion is psychology. It’s how we communicate, connect, interact and express ourselves. To that end, I decided to feed my passion and study for a degree in Forensic Psychology, a subject I love. What I found during this time were the endless applications my studies had in the business world, and it got me thinking……

I realised in all the time I have worked in business whether they were start-ups, SME’s or global companies, before and after my time in recruitment I, nor the people I worked with had been offered any form of training in how to recruit effectively! It bothered me.

Before you start any business you have to do your research. I checked the market to assess the competition (I realised it wasn’t a new thing). I went through the data and analysed the potential recruitment cost to employers and the challenges they face. I then conducted the ultimate test, I applied for jobs and got interviewed!

I spread the net. I looked at start-ups, SME’s, and global companies. I went directly and through recruiters, not to test the recruiters, but to see how the client contact dealt with their feedback and preparation for the interview. The result. Utter shock and bemusement!

The interview techniques were, well, sloppy. Here’s a short list of some of my favourites

  • The “pull your CV apart to see where you’re lying” approach;
  • The “unprepared and we don’t care” approach;
  • The “aggressive, we are the best company in the market, why should we employ you?” approach; and
  • The “my recruiter has spoken to me about you, but I’m just going to ignore their advice and ask why you are applying for this role, even though you’ve been headhunted” approach (yes there is a difference).

I wondered, just how much growth and development were being sacrificed by managers and business owners not knowing how to effectively recruit? This is hurting the company’s brand, that’s how important good interview techniques are to any organisation of any size. This really isn’t a slight on the people conducting the interviews either. If you don’t have the skills or training in a particular field, how can you be expected to get it right, especially when the knock-on effects such as those to the brand is invisible to you”

In my career, I have interviewed, conservatively, 10-12,000 people. I have recruited for all the business categories. I enjoyed a 100% success rate and in my entire career never raised a single credit. I was invited by one of my employers to assist with all in-house training for new recruits. I worked directly with the Chairman of a major UK business to re-engineer their recruitment process in a struggling division with great success.
I have worked with the philosophy that delivery is everything and to always over-deliver. I genuinely want to help companies achieve their vision of growth, by improving what they already have, their people.

Working in partnership with The Gift Club, Trifecta offers expert recruitment training for companies who are looking to improve and streamline their internal recruitment process. Group training will offer your managerial team a chance to enhance and refine their recruitment methods to encourage the best possible outcomes.

We provide vital insights for the entire lifecycle of the recruit, from designing a compelling job description right through to managing counteroffers, contract negotiation, effectively onboarding and everything in-between.

The idea is to offer companies a competitive advantage by increasing their success in attracting the right candidates, improving the candidate experience and therefore enhancing the external viewpoint of their brand.

Act now to boost your Q3 and get ahead of the game – Contact The Gift Club and start working with Trifecta today!


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