A brief Introduction to our Founder, Hadie Perkas, on The Gift Club and Why it Exists

Hi, I’m Hadie, the Founder of The Gift Club and I’d like to tell you what The Gift Club is, why it is exists and what it is trying to achieve.

The Gift Club is a central place for individuals or businesses wanting to:

  • grow an industry focused global network
  • find partners, suppliers, and clients from around the world
  • increase brand awareness
  • learn & develop their career or workforce
  • enjoy the benefits of joining an ungated, worldwide community.

The Story

In 2015, I launched Gift Card Recruitment, a UK recruitment company dedicated to the gift card, incentive, rewards and loyalty market. As the company evolved and our contacts and network grew rapidly across the globe, we were regularly contacted by service providers from around the world requesting introductions to potential partners & clients for collaboration opportunities –unrelated to recruitment.

To me, it was obvious that central access to the global community was unavailable and if it was accessible, it was often gated by memberships or paid subscriptions in limited geos. It is also expensive to be found on search engines and SEO can be extortionate for smaller companies. Therefore, it seemed obvious that potential customers would find it hard to compare & select the right solution if they couldn’t access them all on a level playing field and on a global scale.

So I have created The Gift Club.

A unique digital platform uniting the global industry in one place enabling partnerships & bottom line growth.

It offers a place To Be Found

We have built a global Directory of Providers to compliment the marketing activities of these providers. It is very easy to add a listing to the site and even easier for potential customers and partners to search for solutions and get in touch directly. The aim here is for businesses to be found more easily.

We couldn’t build a site like this without a Job Board portal specifically dedicated to this industry. Posting a job is very simple and the benefit to hiring firms is that only candidates with industry skills should apply, cutting out all the noise.

It offers a place To Be Heard

The Gift Club’s purpose is to build a global community through our Network Hub platform where individuals can meet, network and communicate in real time with peers, colleagues, suppliers and clients. People can create their own profiles, search for members, send messages, documents and pictures, create & join groups, have discussions and share knowledge – all as a micro community.

The best thing about the Network Hub, is that it is free and ungated to anyone who wishes to grow their network. All we ask is members are passionate about the same industry!

And finally, It offers a place To Be Seen

In our News Page we have articles, features, interviews & press releases from around the world where practitioners from HR, Retail and Hospitality can share their news, thought leadership & challenges while providers can showcase their solutions to increase brand awareness and have a spotlight. This page is frequently promoted through our newsletter that drops into over 6000 inboxes.

So you see, The Gift Club really is a central place for anyone wanting to:

  • grow an industry focused global network
  • find partners, suppliers, and clients from around the world
  • increasing their brand awareness.
  • Individuals can learn & develop their careers and enjoy the benefits of joining an ungated, worldwide community.

I am fairly convinced this has covered why The Gift Club exists, but I’d love to talk about it more so contact me hadie@the-gift-club.com if you want to chat and get involved.


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