Founders and CEOs podcast: Their Why, Their Will, Their Way with Dan Brookman, CEO and Co-Founder at Toggle

Inspired by his parents and Richard Branson at an early age, Dan set out on a young career journey through a labyrinth of board game design, renting bedrooms and working in retail & pubs before purchasing a Neoclassical swimming pool in the roughest part of Sheffield to launch a live music venue when he was just 22.  Despite having no cash to fund the enterprise, Dan saw an opportunity and then worked through grasping how to do it and managed to find a way to raise 500K.   He didn’t know what he was trying to achieve other than having fun, and with a positive mindset and an ability to keep standing up he’s successfully launched over 10 businesses.  It was only when the local media started labelling him as an entrepreneur did he start referring to himself as one.  Looking back, Dan can see the similarities with this journey to the one he has engineered with Airship and Toggle but likes to think he is a strong leader with an even stronger team.  He has definitely learned from early mistakes but still takes risks and absolutely loves to have fun. It’s a great 15 minutes so don’t miss it!


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