Inside Stories – How the Loyalty Landscape has changed since the Launch of the Advantage Card 25 years ago

A podcast interview, with Dave Robinson from Boots


Our Founder, Hadie, had the greatest pleasure to chat with Dave Robinson, Head of Customer Engagement Development at Boots in the UK.

They spent 15 minutes exploring the changing landscape of loyalty over the past two decades and Dave shared his predictions on the use of data and technology to drive customer loyalty in the future.

“Loyalty is really about the relationship with the brand and digitalisation makes a big change to this – to stay in touch with customers and for customers to get what they want from the relationship with a brand. The future of technology needs to have ease and immediacy at the forefront like receipt wallets and customer facing AI”

With over 20 years at Boots, Dave has seen it all evolve (and he isn’t quite who you think he is either!).


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