Merit Incentives Announced as The Big Handshake Session One Sponsor

Merit Incentives is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of “The Big Handshake”. We look forward to the event and the opportunity to mix and mingle with loyalty marketing experts, brands, employee engagement professionals, gift cards, incentives, and reward specialists.

Having worked in the reward space for several years, we recognize the importance of technology. A key focus will always be capturing these innovations in a manner that offers greater value and more choice for clients looking to engage their employees and/or customers. Whilst growing out capability is often equated to increasing customization and complexity, it can also address simple demands and serve an audience with new cost-effective solutions.

Our recent launch of RewardsBy, an online SaaS platform offers…

  • An engagement tool that gives them greater choice and flexibility for how they manage their employees and drive engagement.
  • With 6 rewarding modules, The RewardsBy Marketplace caters for all rewarding needs, including access to Gift-cards, Offers/Vouchers, Experiences, Mobile Top up, Software Gaming and Travel Shop.

We believe in the Freedom of Choice!

We look forward to The Gift Club event, and we are excited to share updates on how we are helping and improving clients to retain and attract customers via sales incentives and loyalty programs.

Please visit Merit Incentives and RewardsBy for more information.


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