September Marketing Tips: Top Methods for Boosting Brand Awareness and Engagement

By The Gift Club


To remain competitive in today’s gift card and loyalty program market, your company must be marketing consistently. Clients and customers are savvy and will take their money elsewhere if they don’t feel that you’re doing a good job marketing to them, or worse – marketing to someone else instead of them!

To keep your customers coming back for more, it is essential that you give extra focus to one area of your overall marketing strategy: brand awareness and engagement.

In this article, we will take a closer look at brand awareness and engagement, and how you can use practical methods to increase your company’s impact and competitive edge.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is a marketing term that refers to how many people are aware of your company’s brand and/or product. The more “brand aware” a given consumer population is, the more likely they’ll be to purchase from your company. High brand awareness gives you the competitive edge of being seen as an expert in your industry or niche.

High brand awareness brings many benefits to your company or organisation:

* More consumers are aware of your company and the products it offers.
* Your marketing campaigns will be more effective as a result, driving sales in high volume.
* This leads to higher, sustainable profits for you with less marketing costs (in some cases).

How to Establish Brand Awareness? Engagement.

However, brand awareness is an end, not a means. To build brand awareness, you must take the right steps to engage with customers. The more effective and consistent your engagement, the further your brand awareness will spread.

While there is still some mystery as to how consumers engage with brands on any given basis, there are some practical steps your company can take to increase engagement effectively:

Create and Launch Digital Marketing Campaigns

The first step to boosting your brand awareness is to use the latest tools and methods that can help you reach your high-value customers.

Educate your marketing team on the different digital marketing channels and how they (or you!) can use them to launch marketing campaigns that will maximize engagement.

Build a Strong, Consistent Presence in Social Media Channels

The digital marketplace is a key location to build brand awareness and increase your engagement. Make it a point to participate in marketing discussions on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Take advantage of customer engagement opportunities by always staying active and engaged with your customers through the various social media platforms where you have an account for your company.

Engage Your Current Loyal Customers

Don’t forget that brand awareness can grow with your current customers as well! Your marketing team should be following up with current customers to see how they can better serve them and provide unique marketing offers.

Use polls, surveys, and other engagement tactics to increase feedback and build loyalty among your current clients. You can also utilize email marketing, exclusive rewards, and other rewards that increase engagement among your most valuable customers.

How The Gift Club Can Help You Raise Your Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness can be a complicated and challenging endeavor – especially for companies or organisations striving to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To help companies increase their brand engagement abilities, The Gift Club offers marketing services to businesses that help increase awareness using some of today’s most effective tools and methods.

The methods that The Gift Club team has found increasingly effective for building brand awareness quickly include:

  • Promoted Social Media Posts
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Value-Added Articles & Email Marketing Newsletters
  • Industry Podcasts
  • Company Culture Development
  • Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition (in partnership with industry leading recruitment firm, GCR)

Each of these marketing campaigns is designed to meet your company’s unique needs and help you reach a wider audience, establish high brand awareness, and increase customer & employee engagement efforts.

Most importantly, these efforts are uniquely designed to boost positive brand awareness among your customers, clients, stakeholders, and employees. If your company brand awareness isn’t growing and spreading positively, you can guarantee that it is likely harming your bottom line and future potential.

Raise Your Brand Awareness with The Gift Club

Are you ready to unlock the best methods to boost brand awareness and increase positive engagement? A partnership with The Gift Club can help you reach your marketing goals through unique and exclusive partnership benefits:

  • Promotional social media posts targeted to our large follower base across industries.
  • Development and curation of thought-leadership articles featuring your brand sent via email marketing to thousands of The Gift Club subscribers.
  • Brand promotional spotlight features and other mini-feature advertorials in our digital marketing.
  • Value-added podcast recordings and interviews to engage your industry and market.
  • Inclusion in The Gift Club promotional videos.
  • Exclusive sponsorship banners on The Gift Club website.
  • Premier 1:1 meetings, including introductions to companies looking for service providers or partners in your niche.
  • Ad-hoc or full recruitment and employer branding services

The Gift Club is the premier media and marketing solution for companies associated with the gift card, incentive, and loyalty market across the globe. By purchasing a yearly corporate membership (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) with The Gift Club, you can enjoy professional brand management services that will help you raise your brand awareness and reach new customers and clients quickly.

Want to learn more? Contact The Gift Club today, or visit us online to see our brand awareness methods in action for other companies and organisations just like you!


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