Soriana Revolutionizes its Strategy with Digital Gift Cards

By oh! Gift Card

In the competitive world of supermarkets, Soriana shines as a true leader. Holding the position of the second-largest supermarket chain in Mexico, a prominent spot on the list of the country’s top 500 companies, and an impressive ranking at 151 among the most influential global retailers, Soriana is more than just a store chain. With over 800 physical locations and an astonishing influx of more than 520 million customers annually, its market presence is undeniable. 

In the year 2022, this retail giant decided to embrace technological transformation by implementing the digitization of its gift card system. The goal was clear: achieve triple-digit year-over-year growth in corporate revenues, showcasing leadership based on innovation and future vision. 

The greatest challenge Soriana faced when implementing this digital solution was ensuring transactional security at their stores. The answer came in the form of oh! Gift Card, a prominent company in Latin America specializing in omnichannel gift card processing for retail brands. This collaboration proved to be a resounding success: a practical solution that ensured the highest transactional security standards changed Soriana’s operations’ dynamics. 

Initially, Soriana chose to segment these specific operations for its B2B sales. However, the omnichannel solution offered by oh! Gift Card enables the smooth integration of all sales and consumption channels of the brand. As a result, the chain will be able to incorporate the sale of gift cards to end consumers, both in physical stores and on its website, as soon as desired.

The benefits derived from this strategic alliance are significant and diverse: 

Expansion of Customer Base: The introduction of digital gift cards significantly enhanced Soriana’s value proposition. It can now reach a broader audience, including national and international customers seeking quality products with greater convenience. This improvement attracted more discerning customers and generated an increase in sales volume. 

Cost Reduction: The digitization of gift cards also brought significant financial savings. Soriana cut expenses related to the production of physical cards and the costs associated with customer service. oh! Gift Card provides all the necessary support to digital card beneficiaries, easing the operational burden for Soriana. 

Increased Operational Efficiency: The manual process of issuing and activating physical cards has been eliminated. In its place, robust automation for digital card delivery has been implemented. Moreover, the management platform provided by oh! Gift Card offers complete visibility into gift card-related operations, optimizing the entire process. 

Environmental Commitment: The initiative to digitize gift cards drives Soriana’s growth and aligns with its values of Corporate Social Responsibility. By reducing dependence on physical cards, Soriana contributes to environmental care by reducing paper consumption and resource usage. 

The story of Soriana serves as an inspiring testimony of how digital innovation, coupled with industry specialists like oh! Gift Card, can transform a company and accelerate its growth. As one of the leaders in the retail industry, Soriana continues to pave the way toward a smarter and more sustainable future.

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