Welcome to the GoGift Vibe

If you asked us to describe GoGift in two words, we’d probably go with “Global Gifting.” We love everything that has to do with gifting, and we’re even more obsessed with making a global impact when it comes to gifting and the environment – a little effort that makes for a memorable moment across borders.

But putting aside our stance as gifting aficionados and worldly enthusiasts, GoGift is much more than gift cards and incentives. A unique culture binds us GoGifters, not just geographically, but within our location and work environment. If you didn’t already know about our space and surroundings, we have fun facts to share about GoGift’s everyday life.

A day in the life at GoGift starts at our Nordisk Film location in Copenhagen; our HQs are on the historical grounds of the world’s oldest operating film production company. But we’re not just surrounded by film crews, legendary celebrities, and creative sets; we’re also housed in the same building as one of the world’s most advanced 360-degree LED Stages. The production industry is challenged by the rising global demand for content while trying to prevent climate change. This LED stage offers new possibilities for cost-effective and sustainable shooting. You can see here (https://vimeo.com/758856617) how awesome it is, and maybe one day we’ll shoot some global GoGift spots there 😊

You get the GoGift vibe the moment you walk through the iconic Nordisk Film gates. After stepping into our office (once a film studio!), most GoGifters swing by our free organic breakfast buffet to tank energy. Our open layout is spread across two floors with plants for the green thumbs, creative lounge areas, and themed décor for those special holidays, like our life-size saxophone playing Santa greeting us this season.

In our red-clad vicinity, we even have a movie-themed bar, a lounge area, and what could be considered the best canteen in all of Copenhagen – renowned for its sustainable consumption policy. Our buffet is a delightful fusion of traditional Danish cuisine and international dishes, with a varied salad bar, fruit, and the most delicious cakes! Not to mention freshly ground organic coffee available anytime you need a boost!

GoGift is not to be missed when you pass by the picturesque settings that have been part of popular Danish movies and Oscar-winning films. Right in the middle of it all, you will find us, our blazing GoGift Blue logo set upon a red backdrop of film history. And for all you film buffs out there, Nordisk Film offers guided tours of the facilities and studios. But why book a tour when you could just come to visit us? We are happy to show you around and welcome you to a day as a GoGifter. For us, it’s a pleasure to greet new and old faces at our offices and exchange great ideas for the future of gifting, so let us know when you’re around, and we will make sure you get the whole GoGift experience!

Since 2003, GoGift has been optimizing the gift card market, providing innovative gifting solutions to more than 15,000 businesses worldwide.  Find Out More at global.gogift.com


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