From SouthEast Asia: How to Engage your Employees using Digital Rewards in 2021

With the new normal comes new employee experience expectations; and HR professionals are under pressure to rethink how to best engage remote teams.

In Thailand, many companies are well-accustomed to giving out gift cards for employee birthdays and New Year’s. Such gift cards no longer communicate appreciation or a job well-done. An employee no longer feels special or privileged to receive a gift card, and simply giving out a gift card from another brand could spur excitement – but it will be short-lived. Employers need to look into not just giving or giving more, but how to give to better engage employees.

Employees in Southeast Asia now look for an inspiring workplace that promotes continuous learning, a great team to connect with and a place to truly be themselves.


Here is how you could use rewards to better engage your workforce:

1. Reward: with L&D activities


In Thailand, lack of L&D at the workplace is one of the top 3 reasons why employees change jobs.

Employers should strategically reward employees that follow the learning development goals set by managers. The company can see good return on investment and benchmark expectations for employees in a transparent way. Rewards that is linked with employee development creates a win-win situation for the employer and employee. Simultaneously, employers communicate that learning as a key value for the company.

It’s a good idea to use digital rewards when employees:
– Complete a training
– Overachieve learning goals
– Implement a new acquired skill(s) on the job


2. Reward: with team-building activities


Engaged employees that work well as a team will naturally create a positive workplace environment.

Receiving employee feedback gives employers better intel on how to motivate teams and improve retention and productivity. In light of this, employers should encourage team-building activities to take place on a regular basis to keep employee engagement high. Great internal communication is vital to feel part of the team.



It’s a good idea to use digital rewards for:

– Monthly internal games
– Gamified systems that encourage team communication
– Joining a virtual break room


3. Reward: by aligning to preferred benefits


Opting to provide flexible rewards on top of the existing compensation package is an easy way to adapt to the employee’s lifestyle and shifting needs. Giving choice of rewards for employees means designing a more personalised rewards and benefits package that could make a big difference to attracting and keeping the best talent.

It’s a good idea to use branded rewards that match a personalised benefit:
– Sporty lifestyle: Decathlon rewards
– Frequent city traveler: Grab Taxi Transportation rewards
– Audiobook or personal development lover: Storytel subscription rewards

2021 is a good time for employers to re-evaluate how to better engage employees with rewards and benefits. Employee experience since the pandemic has been more than ever a deciding factor whether the employee stays or goes!

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