“Leaders Lead. Tech Enables” by David Lawson, Employee Engagement Professional

I contend that businesses cannot increase performance by relying just on tech to engage people.

Tech can simplify and automate, but that’s efficiency.

Engagement is deeper, an emotion, a feeling, energy.

That’s down to leaders and managers to nurture or not. They cannot subcontract engagement to tech; tech’s place is to help them.

​I recently saw friends delighted by a simple “thank you” appreciation reward.

The engagement came from the thought. It was out of the blue, connected teams at a social level while most were working remotely and was superbly communicated. Tech centric, nah, except the back office wizardry.

​So ask why and how tech will help you engage your team? Will it…

​Give them a reason to believe, a meaningful purpose that resonates?

Encourage them to be brilliant, to use their superpowers, to master what they do?

Inspire them to learn and be the best version of themselves?

Provide them freedom to decide things on their own?

Help them succeed at what they do?

Show how much you appreciate their hard work?

What would I need as a buyer?

​Tech that gives me the tools to become a better leader, enabling me to answer yes to these questions.”


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