New Webinar – Looking at Innovations in Employee Rewards and Recognition A Year Ahead by The Gift Club and Virgin Incentives

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At a time when the economic landscape is tough, businesses may be considering new ways to engage their workforce and support them further. Creating a happy workplace environment is a crucial step to help businesses retain and attract top talent. Employees that feel a high level of job satisfaction, for reasons such as their values align with their employers, and they feel respected and rewarded are more likely to act as brand champions and openly embrace the business culture.

Businesses that prioritise employees and their values, responsibilities, and life commitments, will naturally develop a wonderful reputation of being a good place to work. In addition, an exciting reward and recognition programme can help a company and its people flourish, and this will lead to higher employee engagement and performance levels.

At the end of the day it is the psychological contract between employer and employee that strengthens loyalty and engagement

In this webinar, we chat about the importance of this psychological employment contract, the types of personalised benefits and rewards available and the critical part employers play in the navigation of life events and personal circumstances of their workforce.

“Rewarding and appreciating your people is more prevalent than ever, and it can be hard to know what the best way is to do this. When times are hard, the first thing we do is cut back on treating ourselves, so what a great opportunity for businesses to reward and encourage their employees to do things they love and spend more quality time with their friends and family!

HR teams are faced with a number of ongoing challenges to support their workforces, and we love working with them to share our experience and help them achieve what they set out to. In addition to the everyday ways in which businesses can ensure happy employees, we’re disrupting the gifting trends by encouraging businesses to offer more thoughtful, heartfelt, fun, and memorable rewards.”

 Jess Hankers, Head of Sales, Virgin Incentives

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