Promoting A Wellness Culture

Get staff thinking like healthy entrepreneurs

Employees are mini entrepreneurs in their own right, making decisions about business (albeit not their own) and managing their own success.

Employers should find ways to weave mental and physical fitness through the workday and encourage exercise, meditation and even daydreaming.

So they need to be in a culture that champions healthy entrepreneurship where staff can aspire to be mentally fit and physically fit in equal measures.

Read what two HR Professionals think about wellness in the workplace below

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From refreshing benefits to financial well-being podcasts, two HR professionals share their views on promoting a wellness culture

“We lead people and supporting our colleagues to be their best self requires leaders to create an environment which supports wellbeing and breaking down the stigma associated with this through compassion and vulnerability”
– Tali Schlomo, Global HR / D&I Leader

1. Benefits
a)  How often are you promoting and engaging with your colleagues on the benefits you offer. Most organisations irrespective how small should have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).  Create one and then promote, promote, promote!
b) Constantly review your benefits.   Is it available to everyone?  Does it need an upgrade or a refresh?

2. Engagement
Give your colleagues permission to TALK about wellbeing.   The more we talk about it, the greater the chance you have of embodying action and change

3. Action
Invite colleagues to take exercise and breaks during the day. Remind them to stay hydrated.

4. Mental Health
It is OK to ask, “How are you?” and pause for a reply. Then ask again. Take notice of subtle changes. Seek & offer help.  Remind them that it is OK.

5. Connect with each other 
Social connectedness is vital.  Find news ways of doing so.  Through organised social events or invest in technology that allows you to do that internally while people work from home.

“Health and wellbeing of a team is so important.  When considering creating a Wellness program for your team I would suggest to focus on three key areas:  physical well-being, mental well-being and financial well-being”
– Carol Smith, HR Director, Buyagift

It is a great idea to support your team with their physical fitness – that could be through a bike to work scheme, encouraging people to take regular breaks and to go for a walk at lunch time – even a 10 mins break from the screen, an opportunity to refresh – helps you to focus for the afternoon and is good for creativity.  What about a team challenge – using a free fitness app such as Mapmyrun (this can be used for walks, runs and cycles!)

Particularly during these challenging times mental well-being is a key concern for so many – even those that previously hadn’t experienced mental health challenges at times need support.  If you offer private medical health there is often a free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) attached to this – an EAP is a confidential support line that your team can use to discuss any issues that is impacting their performance at work or causing stress in their lives.  Perhaps getting someone Mental Health first aid trained to be an internal support.  Sometimes just being aware of the varieties of support that exists and promoting these to the team is extremely useful.  Making time just for a 10 minute check-in with your team on a weekly basis – where the focus is not primarily work relate.

And the one that often gets forgotten about is financial well-being – this is often the source of many sleepless nights, family arguments not to mention personal worry and anxiety.  Often local banks or financial advisors are willing to come in to give budgeting tips to the team.  There are lots of podcasts available – mrsmummypenny to name just one.  Also pension providers are also available to come in to promote the benefits of a pension.

“Providing well-being support to your team will pay dividends in so many ways and even the small, simple, free things make a difference.”


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