Conad and tcc – How one Loyalty Campaign Touched the Community through Schools and Stores

Written by tcc Global


tcc has worked with Conad, one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy, for many years. Together they develop loyalty campaigns that encourage shoppers to visit more frequently and feel rewarded for their custom.

To truly attract attention and motivate return trips, it takes more than just low prices. Instead, tcc creates campaigns that emotionally connect with people and allow them to be part of something bigger and more community orientated.

Read the full case study below:


The challenge Conad faced for the 2020-21 campaign was to re-create a strong relationship with schools that were still feeling the impact of COVID-19. Conad created a campaign that focused on engaging with families and schools, with the goal of making STEM more appealing to students and young generations. To maximise engagement, tcc and Conad focused on Space and created a collection of monsters and aliens with Hey Clay to bring the campaign to life. The campaign covers the whole school year, with activations in schools and in Conad stores. Conad wanted to improve shoppers’ perception of the brand by engaging with the local community.


Throughout the campaign, we engaged with students across the country and helped them realise the importance of STEM subjects from an early age. We also engaged with parents and families in Conad stores, helping to build and grow long-term advocacy and loyalty for Conad.

We organised a partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and ASI (Italian Space Agency) as the scientific partners, helping us produce and revise the educational materials on STEM. We launched a writing contest for students to write a short story on STEM. Students and teachers voted, and the 12 winning stories became a “real” book!

From February 2021 we engaged with Conad shoppers by launching a loyalty programme, where shoppers could redeem vouchers to get a free ‘Storie Spaziali’ book containing the winning stories. School vouchers were also given to schools participating (either physically or digitally) and schools could redeem their vouchers to get free educational equipment.


Despite schools being closed due to lockdowns across the country, our campaign had over 22,000 schools enrol in the classes – equating to over 500,000 students participating in the STEM project.

We generated over 100,000 downloads of the projects, with over 6,000 original short stories written by classes.

In the in-store aspect of the campaign, we had 45 million clay sachets distributed in Conad shops, with over 750,000 ‘Storie Spaziali’ books redeemed. The redeemed plushies resulted in 14 million plastic bottles being recycled. The value of the free equipment donated to schools was over 3 million Euros. Overall, we found that 84.1% of Conad shoppers declared their perception of the Conad brand has improved because of this campaign.


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