What is it that Brits really want from Loyalty Programmes?

By Charlie Hills, MD & Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect


The world has changed and continues to change dramatically. We think it’s more important than ever to understand what people really want from loyalty programmes, what really matters and how it’s evolving. As such, we are proud to launch our 3rd white paper with YouGov, our most in-depth study ever into what British people really want from loyalty programmes.

Here are a few key take-outs from the research for our readers:

Brits are big fans of loyalty programmes

The vast majority of Brits like loyalty programmes (86% find at least one loyalty programme appealing) and are members of them (70% of British adults are members of at least one programme). We are a nation of loyalty lovers; 70% think that programmes are a great way for brands and businesses to reward customers. So much so, that 48% of Brits actually think that every brand should offer a loyalty programme. Britain is one of the world’s most sophisticated and diverse loyalty markets, so it’s wonderful to see such a positive impact on the population.

Rewards are the most important thing that matters to Brits in loyalty

What Brits receive in return for their membership has never mattered more. 60% of Brits join programmes to get good offers and discounts, 28% for partner rewards and 23% for free products, services, experiences and privileges. Rewards are also no 1 for keeping members loving and using programmes. 52% of Brits will stay engaged with a programme if it provides good offers, rewards and benefits that are always changing and updating. Rewards are the number one driver of programme engagement.

Brits are also very clear on the types of rewards that they want

They want rewards that save them money (48%), followed by treats (31%), then rewards that help others (12%). Savviness, spoiling and altruism matter to Brits – loyalty marketers need to ensure there is real breadth in your reward portfolio.

Sustainability has also never been more important

It matters to the majority of Brits (71% think loyalty programmes should help people live more sustainably or help support the environment). And for the first time, we explored in depth what programmes can do in this space. We learned than 44% want programmes to reward sustainable or environmentally friendly behaviours (Costa Club is a great example of this), 43% want rewards that help them live more sustainably (check out TK Maxx & Homesense Treasure) and 39% want programmes to support environmental causes (check out M&S Sparks). Programmes everywhere need to ensure they have a strong sustainable ethos.

The white paper also explores the impact of loyalty programmes on customers’ heads, hearts and wallets, the types of members who engage (and those who don’t), a look into the future of rewards and more. The full paper is available to download at www.mando-connect.co.uk. Please check it out to see how you can optimise your programme and rewards.


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