Is earn velocity the most significant determinant of success?

By Deon Olivier, Founder of Woodstock Loyalty

It’s a known fact that the rate at which members earn Loyalty points (also known as “earn velocity”) is a significant determinant of success, but is earn velocity THE MOST important attribute?

Here are 3 compelling reasons for advocating earn velocity as a key determinant of success:
🔶 Earn velocity drives member engagement and satisfaction levels: when members see tangible rewards accumulate quickly, it creates a sense of progress and immediate gratification, fostering a stronger emotional connection to the Loyalty programme.
🔶 Earn veIocity is a driver of extended tenure: if members feel they can earn rewards at a faster rate compared to competing programmes, it encourages repeat business and discourages switching to competitors.
🔶 Earn velocity enhances the perceived value of the proposition: by accessing desired rewards sooner, members experience a higher return on their effort.

Dig a little deeper and you'll find that these 5 equally important attributes rank alongside earn velocity as key determinants of success:

✅ Reward quality and relevance: members seek rewards that align with their preferences and provide tangible value. By offering high-quality rewards that resonate with members’ desires, Loyalty programmes can drive engagement, satisfaction, and long-term loyalty.
✅ Rewards availability, redemption flexibility and ease: Loyalty programmes should prioritise offering a variety of redemption options, seamless redemption processes, and good availability of rewards (that’s a price of entry surely?). A hassle-free redemption experience enhances the overall program value and encourages ongoing participation.
✅ Personalisation: by leveraging data and insights, programmes can tailor rewards, promotions, and communications to individual members’ preferences and behaviours. Personalisation enhances member engagement, fosters a sense of exclusivity, and deepens the emotional connection with the programme (and, by extension, the brand).
✅ Enhanced customer service: prompt customer support, dedicated assistance for Loyalty programme members, and proactive resolution of issues contribute to a positive programme experience and reinforce the perception of value.
✅ Exclusive benefits: offering unique and exclusive experiences, such as early-bird access to events and promotions and behind-the-scenes insights add an element of excitement and differentiation to a Loyalty programme. These exclusive experiences create a sense of prestige and make members feel valued and appreciated, ultimately strengthening their loyalty to the brand.

To sum up:
Points earn velocity is a powerhouse for driving value, but it’s not the only one: by prioritising other essential attributes, Loyalty programmes will effectively engage members, drive loyalty, and differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market. 

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