The Traditional Loyalty Card is Outdated – Many of us still carry Loyalty or Membership Cards in our wallet, but they are more Likely to be used for Experiences than Retailers

By Melanie Parker, Loyalty Specialist CLMP at Stream Loyalty


Although integrating loyalty with payment cards provides a frictionless earning mechanism and a sure way to capture all card spend from the customer, it doesn’t require any extra thought or action from the customer, so how can you be sure that they are making conscious decisions about what or when to buy from you. The traditional loyalty card is outdated and although many of us still carry loyalty or membership cards in our wallet, they are more likely now to be for experiences rather than retailers.

If your goal is to win back customers then you need something that is going to engage them in your brand, excite them and encourage them back. We are all inundated with emails every day, so why not go back to basics and send them a physical card by direct mail. Make sure that your card has another purpose than just being a branded piece of material. Think about personalisation and how you could create a connection with the customer. Maybe a personalised message linking to your brand that customers might share socially. Could your customer engage with the card digitally? Could it unlock specific rewards when they are in your store or when they shop online? If each card was personalised with a code, could you use it to surprise and delight? If the customer scans the code with their phone, could it unveil a personalised journey for them to return to your brand? If you can make the card both digital and physical, you have the ability to make the experience personal and to give the card some longevity. This will give the card and the programme extra meaning, it is more likely to resonate with your audience and you will be able to identify exactly how your customers interacted with the card, your brand and their journey back to loyalty.

Give customers a reason to keep your card in their wallet, even better give them a reason to talk about it.


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