IGCC Partnership Announcement

Association Alliance Announcement


Just over one year ago, we launched The Gift Club. Our mission was to bring together amazing people and businesses across our global industry, help them to promote their ideas and innovations, to cross pollinate and drive new business through connections.

We researched. We listened. And in celebration of our first year, on 1st November 2021 we launched the new community and business building application: The Hub by The Gift Club.

The Gift Club main marketing channels of the fortnightly newsletter and social media will continue in full swing, and will continue to be key tools for businesses and business leaders. The Hub will help to connect and market individuals, businesses and trade associations. Together, The Gift Club and The Hub will offer a true 360 strategic marketing approach for individuals and businesses.

One hugely important area for The Hub which we are developing, will be our relationships and promotion of global trade associations. It is with this in mind that we are thrilled to announce that the Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC) is our launch trade association.

The Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC) is an industry group, within the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA). Their purpose is to raise awareness of gift cards as a great option for use in premium and incentive programmes.

The Hub will support the IGCC by hosting a private members group and resource folder. The IGCC will also be able to promote their services, member events, and will have an exclusive promotional membership offer to members of The Gift Club!

Benita Johnson, President of IGCC says, “This is an exciting time for the gift card, loyalty, rewards and incentives industry, and we’re very happy to support The Gift Club with this new innovative and intuitive app. The app will connect individuals with each other, and give them the opportunity to access different networking groups & resources. The Hub will also be a great platform for us to spread the good word about the fantastic member education, resources, and member benefits we offer through the IGCC.”

To celebrate this alliance with IGCC The Gift Club are offering IGCC members a 15% discount for new Gold and Platinum memberships, from 15th November 2021 until 16th May 2022. See our Membership Plans here.

For more information about The Gift Club and The Hub, the IGCC and how to get involved, feel free to contact Hadie at hadie@the-gift-club.com. And remember to download the app from:




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