What are the growth trends you identified for next 5 years?

Ma Carte Cadeau sells all its products online, and the highest performing ones are the products with full digital solutions and a multichannel approach.
Growth has been driven by a broad offer, with new launches (Leclerc, H&M, La Grande Recre) as well as new partnerships for B2C and B2B offering. They will be sales levers for 2021.
Moreover, we identify a growth opportunity in new product category like digital entertainment and gaming. They take the biggest share into physical distribution, so we believe in the opportunity to integrate them in our offers for B2B program especially.

We have developed two strategic axes. One for brands: becoming brand ambassadors and carrying their values in the market. And for the distributors, our objective is to provide the largest offering.

Moreover, we try to have a very proactive approach towards the category: engaging with new brands, offering business opportunities to the ones less aware of our industry.
Today our split between B2B and B2C is 75/25. Our wish is to support the market expansion where we see opportunity; for example, in B2C, marketing programs for incentive, and a compensation programs.