My VIP Rewards – The all-in-one app for small businesses to thrive

By Maddy Alexander-Grout of My VIP Rewards


Small business owners are so busy thinking about how they run their businesses that often benefits are the last thing on their mind.

Looking after employees as a small business owner is the thing they should think about first, and here’s why.

Recruiting staff when you are a start-up is hard! By offering the right benefits you can attract a better class of talent, and not only attract them but retain them too.

You need to stand out from your competition and adding something sexy to a job spec can be the deciding factor by a candidate when they are making a decision.

Small businesses can’t afford to pay big salaries, so adding benefits can make a job offer a lot more attractive.

Aren’t employee benefits really expensive?

Often they can be, but with My VIP Rewards we make it affordable for small businesses with no long contracts or sign-up fees.

What makes it even harder is that a lot of employee benefit schemes have minimum sign up numbers, usually around 50 employees!

My VIP Rewards offer benefits for sole traders upwards! Not only can you give your employees a benefit that will help their salary to go further, you can also save money for your business with our extensive range of business discounts.

Save money on travel, hotels, accountancy, social media, FSB , HR and so much more!

Small business owners also need to take care of themselves , it’s tough running a business so we have the perfect discounts on health and well-being to make sure you are taking some well-deserved downtime and enjoying a great work life balance.

And as you grow we are here to support you with a community of thousands of other small business owners, networking and advertising for your business.

Attract talent, retain talent and save money for your business!

The all-in-one app for small businesses to thrive.


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