Member Podcast: Democratising the gift card industry – An interview with Paul Swinton, CEO at B4B Payments

An interview with Paul Swinton, CEO at B4B Payments

B4B is now entering its 17th year and was recently bought by Banking Circle, the fintech bank, with a view to providing card issuance services. B4B is a regulated EMI in the UK and Lithuania and operates in the USA with a partner bank and a principal member of mastercard, visa and discover. Listen in: Paul has driven the business to consistently deliver annual growth in double-digits over recent years fuelled by his deep knowledge of prepaid card and payments technology.   Our founder, Hadie,  discusses with Paul how the payment industry has changed in the last 16 years, Gen Z demands and making gift card use accessible to everyone.  Paul also admits his knowledge of payments was so limited at the very start and he was completely ignorant of KYC! “Mobile, digital and digital wallets are key” “Solutions around gifting will change” “Open loop can democratise the gift card industry” Contact Paul to talk about all things payment and prepaid ( and when to learn KYC!)


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